Ain’t too Proud to Beg


There is no point begging a website search result to take an extra few percent off their best price.

However, humans are surprisingly receptive to offering a discount when asked.

But you do have to ask.

Find a price on the web, then get out of the house and head done to your local independent travel agent. I know, it sounds horribly old fashioned but in truth there are still great bargains to be had in bricks and mortar establishments.

Once you have asked for a discount they may say no, so spend a minute making friends first. It is harder to say no to someone you like. A sincere smile is worth at least fifty quid. Not turning up five minutes before lunch or closing time is worth another fifty.

Respond positively to whatever they offer. “Thanks that’s lovely, but I was really hoping for something even better. What else can you do for me?”

Show the agent your printout from the web. Let them know you are playing it straight with them and that if they can give you the deal you want you are prepared to pay today.

The second offer may well be all that you hoped for, but in for a penny, in for a pound.”We are getting closer, but we are not there yet. Go on, let’s find an even better deal than that”

I think you are getting the idea. Travel Agents have all sorts of ways to reduce costs and add upgrades, so use their expertise and bag yourself a truly excellent cheap flight.

Don’t be too proud to beg. You are worth it.