Will there still be cheap flights post Brexit?

Predicting the long term future is a mugs game, but in the short term there definitely will be bargains out there. Just consider the additional costs of isolation and testing if the worst happens.

Air travel on a budget

Just three generations ago the idea of very cheap flights was a fantasy. A transatlantic flight could cost the equivalent of more than five years average wages.

These days, for most people living in the west, just a few hours work will buy a cheap trip from one side of the planet to the other. We can all have very very cheap flights. Of course we may not be allowed to fly but pandemics aside, cheap flights are certainly available.

Cheap flight tools

If you want a cheap flight on of the easiest places to look is a flight comparison website.

The current (2021) list in our order of usefulness is

  1. Skyscanner
  2. Kayak
  3. Trip
  4. Lastminute
  5. Google Flights

You could just pick the top off the list. However that is just the simple option. Don’t be wed to just the one ‘flight finder’. Using two or three is more likely to find you the very cheapest deal on the day.  Then there are dozens of other ways to save money when flying and that is what this website is all about.

New Challenges

jet landing

As we are all aware, the times are changing. Brexit has changed European travel and North Africa and the Middle East are changing rapidly. The major airlines around the world are merging and and with green issues and a global fuel crisis in the news, industry experts are strongly predicting the end of cheap travel.

That is the future, but for today at least, amazing travel bargains are potentially still with us. To get the very very cheap flights, both domestic and international, you have to know where to look for tickets. Here are our ideas for saving lots of money on international travel by airplane.

Plan ahead for very cheap flights

Planning ahead is the first rule of scoring very very cheap airline tickets. If you do some just some basic research you will be in a good position to evaluate between offers that at face value may look very similar.

For example, take two travel companies offering flights from London to Paris. One costs £75, the other £90. You may think that the first offer is the cheapest, but it isn’t necessarily so. For a start, London has four official airports. Paris has three. So there are 12 departure and arrival options for London to Paris flights alone. For some of the ‘London’ airports you will then have to travel up to 40 miles just to get to the city centre which can be very expensive. (Want to know more about the cost of travel to and from London Airports?)

Flying from alternative airports

jet plane

However, if you can be flexible and don’t mind an additional train ticket, then the alternative airports might well prove to be your ticket to flight bargains.

In short, you need to know the true cost of any offers you discover.

When airlines have problems, it can mean a bonanza time for passengers looking for last minute cheap flights. Running an airline is all about planning ahead, so when unforeseen events (bad weather or disruption at a particular airport or even strikes by baggage handlers), airlines suddenly find their plans get messed up. As a result these are often good times to double check for last minute offers appearing out of nowhere.