Ryanair cancels 2000 flights.

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It was an astonishing headline to read. 2000 flights having to be cancelled during September and October 2017. The reason given by the company was that lots of staff were on holiday. The national media have been somewhat sceptical of this excuse, citing staff dissatisfaction leading to mass resignations.

BBC news reported that up to 400,000 passengers could be affected by the debacle which is expected to cost the company £18million.

Regardless of the precise reasons that caused it, the Ryanair announcement does highlight the potential dangers of always looking for the cheapest airline tickets. If you cannot trust that airline to actually deliver you to your destination on the agreed date, the super shiny deal you got looses its lustre pretty damn quick.

Although we try and help people find very very cheap flights, even we have to agree that sometimes, it is better to play safe and pay a bit extra rather than gamble.

The civil aviation authority publishes details of what compensation people affected by such events can expect to receive.