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I am having to write this as Hurricane Irma slams into the Caribbean islands as it heads toward Puerto Rico. As a result the subject may sound crass and insensitive, so to anyone who has suffered from a natural disaster, please do not think us insensitive to your pain.

However, this site is all about cheap air travel and the facts do not lie. It is a sad consequence of the damage that hurricanes do that those who rely on tourism find their income dries up in the wake of a natural disaster.  In the immediate aftermath of a disaster this is very much a good thing. However one the place is back on its feet they find that the visitors simply don’t come back quickly enough. it takes a disproportionately long time for tourism to recover once the infrastructure is there to once more welcome them in droves.

As a result, it is often the case that airlines reintroduce flights to places that have ‘weathered the storm’ so to speak, with great discount offerings.  So, although it might sound goulish, taking note of natural disasters can flag up destinations where in 6 to 12 months some great flight bargains might be expected.

The positive side of this approach is that you can plan to visit locations that might be still suffering financially and let your ‘tourist dollar’ have some additional benefit for people who will probably have found the previous year very hard going indeed.