Airport Parking

Parking at Airports

Nobody should pay to park at an airport. It is simply too expensive. There are plenty of companies offering secure airport parking facilities with either bus or (if you are made of money) private chauffeurs to take you from the parking spot to the terminal.

Obviously this takes a little longer, but the savings are worth it. For example you could save at least £120 at Heathrow by opting to park with a private secure airport parking company for one week as opposed to leaving your car in the terminal car parks.

By pre-booking your airport parking as opposed to turning up and parking on the day you are likely to make substantial savings. You can typically save up to 60% when you book your car parking early. There are even price comparison sites for airport parking so you can know that you are getting the best deal.

Of course there is always the option of parking for free in The local streets. However on this occasion  I will suggest that you don’t go for the cheap option for safety reasons. Local criminals know that some people do abandon their cars for a week and to make easy money they search for Likely looking cars near airports. 

This problem is very different at different airports but as a general rule I will suggest you don’t just leave your car in the street and hope or pray that it doesn’t get stolen.