A guide to cheap air travel insurance.

“Just because they offer insurance doesn’t mean you need it.”

Questions to ask yourself about insurance

One way that airlines and agents make a profit is to sell the flights very cheaply but then claw back profit by selling expensive over-speced insurance policies. In the past I have been told that insurance is compulsory when it is anything but.

In fact for a quick weekend jaunt away to a neighboring country (hopping from London to Paris for the weekend for example) most healthy people simply don’t require any additional insurance beyond the reciprocal health arrangements that the British and French Governments put in place on behalf of their citizens.

If however, you are not in A1 shape or are thinking of engaging in even moderately risky activities (roller skating down the Champs Elysees?) then it really is adviseable to get insured. It is a question of weighing up the risks.

If you do decide you need insurance, then you can almost guarantee that it is being offered at a silly rate. A quick look on the web should convince you that travel insurance need not be half so expensive as the big boys would have you believe.

The Good Guys of Travel Insurance

Well, to call them ‘good guys’ might be pushing it, but some companies do trade on their reputation for not being seen to be utterly reprehensible theives. Indeed, there are a number of operators offering decent travel insurance deals. This list used to be longer, but over the years some previously trusted companies have been removed. So the current list comprises:

The AA often offer good value insurance that isn’t disproportionate to what is usually required.

Students are lucky because they can get very much cheaper insurance via STA.

Insurance – summary

So, in summary think about whether you need insurance and go online to find a broker offering the best deals.