There is no point getting a cheap flight if you are then getting royaly shafted by the hotel bill. So, here are our ideas for getting discounted hotels to go alongside your very very cheap flights.

Coupon Codes

Not too many hotels offer coupons, but some do, so keep on the lookout.

Download the app

A number of chain hotels will offer incentives of big hotel reductions for you to download and use their app. They want you to get used to the ease of booking an app offers you so they are prepared to sweeten the deal quite heavily at the outset. You can typically save 15% to 45% on the first booking and subsequently snap up 10% to 20% on a regular basis.

Ask for Price Matching

If you don’t ask you won’t get. At smaller hotels this often is all that is needed to secure a good discount. Always remember that the staff are people and should be treated with friendliness and respect. Rudeness NEVER results in discounts.

Get breakfast included

The cost of breakfast when on holiday can be quite a chunk out of your daily budget, so on occasions when you cannot get a massive hotel discount, fight for a free breakfast instead.

Use airline miles

So, you have been getting super cheap flights and racking up air miles in the process. Check the terms because your rewards can in many cases be spent on hotel bookings.