Heathrow and London Airports

London Heathrow Airport is the biggest of London’s Airports.

london airports map
Locations of London’s Airports

Second to the tiny London City Airport it is closest to the centre of town and can be reached by London Underground.

No need for taxis. The London Underground serves Heathrow Airport, although signage will push unwary visitors towards the more expensive Heathrow Express trains.

If you do want a taxi then there is a half an hour of travel ahead to drive to the city centre, provided the M4 isn’t snarled up with traffic.

However many London bound planes land at the other airports, so how do the costs and times stack up when you take in to account the additional travel costs from Airport to City Centre?

London City  has its own stop on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) which integrates with the London Underground so it is very quick and cheap to get to town from here.

Gatwick is 30 miles South of the City and a long hour by road. The Gatwick Express Train is reasonable value and will get you to town in about 40 minutes.

Luton is 32 miles North but is reasonably served by both rail and motorway connections.