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Which website is best for cheap flights?

I would love to answer you with a single ‘best’ site but the truth is it changes from day to day and destination to destination. Therefore ‘Google’ is probably the only sensible answer to that question. Other than that, Skyscanner is always one of my first ports of call when bargain hunting.

Are cheap flights worth it?

That is entirely up to you. There is always a balance between effort and reward but some people enjoy a successful hunt for a cheap ticket almost as much as the flight itself. I dont like paying over the odds and with flights there difference between the cheapest seat and the most expensive can seem ridiculous.  Sure, they are worth it.

Are cheap flights safe?

The flights themselves are as safe as any other, but I suspect the question is really asking whether it is safe to buy tickets if the deal looks too good to be true.  Buyer beware!

Why are flights cheap in Europe?

Europe is in general expensive compared to much of the world. However when it comes to air travel, proportionately flights are cheap.  The big reason for this has been the harmonisation of regulations and the denationalisation of ‘national’ carriers. This combined with the rise of a few no-frills carriers has ensured that for the last 25 years flying from city to city has often been a very cheap way of getting about the continent. The UK’s withdrawl from the EU may have a big effect on the future of cheap European aviation.

Can you book cheap flights at the airport

Yes, you can book cheap flights at the airport, but rember that your own psychology might be working against you. Once you are at an airport you are in ‘travelling mode’ and so you may find yourself less inclined to undertake an activity that slows you down (such as doing yet another search rather than settling for the ticket offer in front of you) . For this reason alone we don’t try to find cheap flights by turning up at the airport.

Can you get cheap flights on black friday

In 2017 both the USA and UK offered some great deals on Black Friday, but the picture was mixed for other parts of the globe. Not a guaranteed option but if you are looking for tickets around the 23rd November, you might be lucky.

Can you get cheap flights on cyber monday

Surprisingly the evidence we saw in 2017 was that the discounts were in general less impressive than at other times of the year. We dont advise you to wait for cyber monday. The only caveat was that all the United States based airlines did offer a few heftily discounted deals.

Can you get cheap flights on standby

Yes standby flights are quite often discounted, but if there are a lot of people wanting the tickets then they will be sold at full price. Remember that flight tickets are a business.

Can I trust cheap flights?

There are always fraudsters out there, but the rules of hunting for cheap sites are the same as for any online activity.

Can you get cheap flights for a funeral?

Sadly the reasons for you wanting or needing a cheap flight are never part of the calculation that the airline or broker makes when deciding on the price they offer. The ‘pleading’ gambit might help get an extra level of service, but is not likely to get you a discount.

Can students get cheap flights

Yes an ISIC card is pretty much a golden ticket when it comes to getting low cost air travel.

Can travel agents find cheap flights

In most cases travel agents dont have access to ‘special’ prices but they do have bags of experience in navigating the labyrinth of offers, deals and hidden extras a lot faster and more effectively than the rest of us. Go ahead and see what your local travel agent can offer you.