England To Romania with Austrian Airlines

Sometimes things go well. Austrian are a practically accident free airline.

June 2019 – Leaving Heathrow was no problem and the 737 to Vienna was dull (no food, no in flight entertainment) but arrived on time. Then the fun started. We had to run from one end of the airport to the other to get our connection. Took us best part of 25 minutes. The lady at the gate was shouting at us ‘Ve have to close ze gate’ as we rushed by her an on to a tiny Embraer turboprop. Why do they sell connections that only actually connect provided you are a physically athletic air traveller?

We slumped down in our seats and took in the fact that here at row 18 we had masses and I mean masses of legroom. Must remember row 18 for the future. All the other rows had the modern micro pitches beloved of accountants but hated by actual real human beings. So this plane was small and that makes nervous fliers more nervous still. I did a quick google check on the model of aircraft itself. There was a fatal crash last year. However it was one guy who stole one from a Seattle airport and then crashed it, so that doesn’t actually count.

Mind you, the Austrian seat belts are shorter than most. Anyone with a waist beyond 42inches was going to be in serious pain throughout the flight.

Austrian in-flight snacks come down to ‘etwas salziges Oder etwas susiges?’ Something savoury or something sweet? Depending on your response you get a child’s chocolate wafer or a tiny bag of bread pieces. We were so thrilled. Still, the beer was free.

Small planes bounce a bit more than big planes and coming over the Carpathian Mountains was an experience that shouldn’t be related back to nervous flyers. Saw one man in the aisle lift off the ground as if Spielbergian fx budgets were being spent on that guys personal movie. It was cool to watch and thankfully distracted me from the looming terror of the mountainside outside.

We landed, we got out, we quietly gave thanks to our gods for safe delivery.

The cost to our wallets had been negligible and the few hours of sweat and discomfort plus the odd moment of blind terror were a small price to pay for getting to Transylvania.

  • Food. 1/10
  • Entertainment. 0/10
  • Friendly staff 5/10
  • cleanliness 9/10
  • comfort 5/10
  • value for money 8/10